John Petrey

The Hunter,
Embossed Copper & Aluminum, Fabric, Cast Resin, Hand Made Paper, Wood, Steel
83 x 27 x 22 in
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As a witness to the warning sirens blaring in the face of humans damaging the earth, from the extinction of species, to the power struggles between humans vying for power, I imagine a day when the animal world rises up, a day in which the Hunted appear, in force, responding in-kind to the Hunter.

In this series, I am creating the Hybrids as composites of both the masculine and feminine with animalistic qualities. Each Hybrid brings their strengths, messages and spiritual wisdom to exert the unparalleled power to turn the tide and protect their family units from extinction. Ultimately, the Hybrids create what the weakness of humanity could not—a stronger, healthier and more peaceful planet for future generations.

The exploration, from initial ideas, to the finished piece is a fascinating journey for me. Often, I intuitively have a finished visual of each piece, but ultimately the creative thrill is in taking the journey with each piece as it also leads me to who it wants to become.

As in my Dress Series, I apply non-traditional materials to my work, often repurposing familiar everyday items, making a particular material fit my needs thru repeating patterns. This reflects my ability to bring disparate parts in to form a cohesive and powerful statement.