Victor Velyan

Victor Velyan

Victor Velyan began his journey in jewelry creation in 1984. With a decade of experience under his belt, Victor realized his dream of opening his own studio, Victor-Christy in Los Angeles, in 1984. The studio allowed Velyan the freedom and flexibility to produce pieces for some of the industry’s most significant designers. Though his manufacturing and design for others proved to be undeniably successful, winning over 27 awards under other designers' names, his own creations were yet to be fully expressed.

   One afternoon Victor found himself designing a cuff of his desire; a true expression of himself. That was the day that Victor’s collection was born.

Inspired by the old Aragon world - Velyan's edgy style is also influenced by his passion for life, history, nature, architecture, music, travel, unique cultures and fine art. From swimming with hammerhead sharks in the deep blue ocean to riding horseback in the Santa Monica Mountains, Victor can be found gathering inspiration. This is Jewelers Jewelry... Exciting, Beautiful, Unique and from the Heart.

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